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Timothy L. Vaughn is a Research Scientist at the Energy Institute at Colorado State University. Vaughn holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from CSU and B.S. and M.S degrees from Rowan University. His research areas include methane emissions from the natural gas supply chain, internal combustion engine emissions, alternative fuels, and laser diagnostics. Vaughn has gained relevant experience in the use of both onsite and downwind measurement techniques to quantify methane emissions from natural gas facilities during several recent national campaigns (EDF G&P; EDF T&S; DOE/RPSEA). During these campaigns he accompanied several onsite measurement teams while they performed LDAR and GHGRP reporting surveys. He also coordinated downwind measurements made off site by both aircraft and tracer teams. This experience has provided him with a unique working knowledge of methane emission detection and quantification techniques which enabled the development of a region-scale, top-down to bottom-up reconciliation of methane emissions in the Fayetteville Shale. He is currently working on a device-level characterization and national-scale estimate of methane emissions from natural gas gathering and boosting stations. Vaughn also has extensive experience in laboratory gas metering and flow control, data logging, acquisition, and analysis, system integration and control, software development, optical gas imaging, laser-based diagnostics (LIF), and engine emission testing and associated data processing.


entrepreneurship, energy access in the developing world, engine technology, electric grid technology


Tim Vaughn

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