Student Ambassador Program

The Energy Institute Student Ambassador Program fosters connections and aims to build a community between the Powerhouse Energy Campus, the greater CSU campus and the general public.

The Ambassadors engage the community by providing tours of the Powerhouse facility and ongoing research, hosting events for students and the public, and supporting other energy-related campus organizations with their initiatives. The Ambassador Program includes undergraduate and graduate students, creating an internal community and offering a variety of professional development opportunities and leadership experience.

About Our Ambassadors:

“Hi! I am an undergraduate student studying Environmental Engineering with a minor in Chemistry.

Growing up in Lima, Peru gave me a diverse perspective on how to see the world and was a reason to select engineering as a major. After graduation, I’d like to pursue in the world of water chemistry in the Pacific to implement engineering principles in an ocean environment, such as finding solutions to ocean acidification, creating sustainable power stations in or near the ocean, and providing environmental education in developing countries. Other activities I am involved in are being on the leadership team for my sorority, a student ambassador for the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering, a member of SWE, and I love to travel!”

I am a Fort Collins native, and I have been a part of research at the Powerhouse for the last couple of years. I have been lucky enough to have found an amazing community within engineering through this! With my degree, I would like to go into renewable energy, helping to find solutions to the energy crisis and to find environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. Apart from being an ambassador for the Energy Institute, I am involved in research at the Powerhouse and I am a member of SWE!