Student Ambassador Program

The Energy Institute Student Ambassador Program fosters connections and aims to build a community between the Powerhouse Energy Campus, the greater CSU campus and the general public.

The Ambassadors engage the community by providing tours of the Powerhouse facility and ongoing research, hosting events for students and the public, and supporting other energy-related campus organizations with their initiatives. The Ambassador Program includes undergraduate and graduate students, creating an internal community and offering a variety of professional development opportunities and leadership experience.

Powerhouse Tour Group

Meet the current Energy Institute Ambassadors:

Student ambassadors

Left: Audrey Beattie, Right: Hailey Summers

Hailey Summers

“My research is focused on quantifying the sustainability of agricultural-related processes through life cycle and techno-economic analyses. I am interested in understanding environmental and economic trade-offs of emerging technologies prior to commercializing as well as improving the process efficiency of existing product pathways and supply chains. Specifically, I am investigating the environmental impact and associated economics of cannabis cultivation and new crop integration to the arid Southwestern United States. I am also working to advance the methodology of freshwater impacts within life cycle assessment. With this work, I hope to better inform researchers, members of the public, and policy makers such that future decisions can be approached more sustainably. My favorite thing about being an ambassador is the exposure to continued energy-related opportunities beyond my educational program.”

Hailey Summers

“My research involves performing economic and environmental impact assessments of biofuels from microalgae. I estimate properties such as the resulting per-gallon costs and global warming potentials of the fuels. This work aims to assess the feasibility of largescale biofuel production, and ensure that the lab-scale research and development will be effective if commercialized. Outside of the lab and classroom, I like to be outdoors with friends: hiking, running, skiing and camping. My favorite thing about being an ambassador is sharing my interest for all things energy and environmental sustainability with our tour groups!”