About the Energy Institute

Our Mission

The mission of the Colorado State University Energy Institute is to develop innovative solutions to energy and climate challenges that achieve global impact.

To do this we:

  • Integrate science to measure energy impacts,
  • Implement technology to develop solutions,
  • Share policy studies to shape governmental response,
  • Foster entrepreneurship to implement our solutions at scale,
  • Employ behavioral and social science to include the human dimension, and
  • Educate future leaders in the energy field.

Our Approach

We develop science to understand pressing energy challenges and mobilize diverse teams to find solutions.  For example, we reduce air pollution, lower methane emissions, and bring power to remote regions of the developing world. By working with multinational corporations, small startup companies, non-profits, and governmental entities our solutions make a measurable impact. For instance, our clean cookstove technology is in use by over 5 million people. Again, and again, we’ve demonstrated that this approach works and that we know how to bring about real, measurable change in the energy landscape.

Core Values

  • Innovation – We follow our curiosity to develop and implement solutions.
  • Impact – We strive to have an impact at a global scale.
  • Diversity – We welcome diverse disciplines, talents, people and perspectives.
  • Adaptability – We anticipate and respond to new challenges and emerging technologies.
  • Integrity – We uphold a commitment to scientific accuracy, to the truth, to each other, and to our work.

A Hub for Innovation and Energy Research

Watch this video to hear from Executive Director Bryan Willson, Vice President for Research Alan Rudolph, and representatives from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Professionals, students, and researchers talk about what it’s like to be part of the CSU Energy Institute, an interdisciplinary hub for energy research: