Study Abroad in France, Belgium and Denmark

Energy Transitions Program Summary

The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement resulted in a global mandate to decarbonize the world’s energy infrastructures, however the pathways forward for energy transitions are complex and uncertain.

CSU’s “Energy Transitions” education abroad program provides students with a multi-disciplinary and multi-national perspective on energy transitions that are unfolding in the present moment. While visiting sites in the U.S., Denmark, France, Belgium, students grapple with complex questions alongside experts in the field about today’s energy transitions.

Participants of this program explore European capitals by going on “green” walking and bike tours of each city while learning about each city’s history and culture. Students also gain first-hand knowledge in workshops at high-level institutions and important infrastructures such as:

  • The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado
  • The International Energy Agency, Paris
  • The Clean Energy Ministerial, Paris
  • European Supergrid Headquarters, Brussels
  • The Headquarters of the European Union, Brussels
  • Off-shore Wind Farms, Denmark
  • State-of-the-art Waste to Energy Plant, Copenhagen
  • Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen
  • And many others!

By investigating a variety of sites in the U.S. and Europe, students not only gain an international perspective on energy transitions, they also learn about site-specific conditions—the individual histories, economies, technologies, and cultures— that are shaping energy transitions for the next century. In this program, students become exceptionally informed and resourceful thinkers and researchers who can more skillfully navigate complex and interdisciplinary questions about energy in the U.S. and abroad.

Energy Transitions Faculty Leader

Assistant Professor Dr. Lynn Badia, a professor English at CSU, specializes in environmental and energy humanities. Before CSU, Dr. Badia completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta in Canada, focusing on research in the emerging field of energy humanities and is an organized and/or participant of several research programs focused on the nexus of energy, science, and culture.


Program and application information

Course Title: E404A: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Energy Transitions in Europe

Locations: Colorado / Paris, France / Brussels, Belgium / Copenhagen, Denmark

3 credits, Upper Division. Enrollment open to undergraduate and graduate students, counts for credit towards the Sustainable Energy Interdisciplinary Minor

Program Dates: Summer 2022

Application Deadline: Priority: December 1, Final, February 15 (pending spots available)

For more information about logistics, costs, funding, and how to apply, go to the CSU Education Abroad website.

Special Funding Available

The CSU Energy Institute offers generous scholarships for this program in addition to other funding opportunities available for all education abroad programs.