Partnerships & Entrepreneurship

Enterprise & Industry Partners

At the Energy Institute, we understand that bringing scientific solutions to scale is essential to achieving meaningful impact around the world. We pride ourselves on building partnerships with industry leaders and innovative startup companies to solve energy challenges. The Energy Institute connects industry partners with researchers in order to fuel the development of more efficient and innovative energy technology.

Industry partners can benefit from Colorado State University’s access to funding: CSU is one of the nation’s top research universities, with annual research expenditures topping $300 million four years in a row. Annual research spending for fiscal year 2016, the most recent available, totaled $331.9 million.

Resident Enterprise Partners Zone (REPZ)

At the Powerhouse Energy Campus, the Resident Enterprise Partners Zone (REPZ) is located on the 4th floor and is a space for startup companies to gain ground. REPZ provides opportunities meet, discuss, and collaborate with other companies involved in energy development and production and bounce ideas off our in-house academic researchers. Current companies in the REPZ include:

Previous residents include Envirofit and Czero, both of which have seen great success since their time at the Powerhouse.

REPZ is available for energy companies and startups of all sizes, on both a short and long-term basis, offering:

  • Offices for clean-tech entrepreneurs
  • Platinum LEED certified building
  • Inspiring work environment
  • Beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and the foothills west of Fort Collins
  • Onsite research and lab space
  • Daily networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Open plan or private offices
  • Two conference rooms 
  • Walking distance to Old Town and Downtown Transit Center
  • Free parking

Contact Kate Laughery for more information.

Energy Ecosystem Collaborations

As part of the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC  and the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory we partner with other leaders in energy research to collaborate in the scientific process and make world-class progress in solving energy challenges. Some of our collaborators include:

Find your opportunity to collaborate with the CSU Energy Institute, which offers many avenues for industry to get involved, including sponsored research, senior design projects, student recruitment, joint development projects, or industry-funded scholarship and internship programs.

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