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Energy Policy

Energy policy addresses the policy implications of energy supply and use from their economic, social, planning and environmental aspects. It involves the issues of energy production, distribution and consumption and may often include legislation, treaties, incentives to investment, guidelines for conservation, taxation and other techniques.

At the Energy Institute, we work closely with the Center for the New Energy Economy, a group of energy policy experts led by Colorado’s 41st Governor, Bill Ritter Jr. Founded in 2011, the purpose of the Center for the New Energy Economy is to educate, convene, and inspire decision-makers to create policies that facilitate America’s equitable transition to a clean energy economy.

Human Dimensions of Natural Resources for Energy Production

Energy Institute researchers are working to understand how humans, communities and cultures are both impacted by the extraction of natural resources and how their economies extract value from these processes.


  • Dr. Jeni Cross, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Research for the Institute for the Built Environment
  • Dr. Erika Miller, Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering.
  • Dr. Lynn Badia, Assistant Professors of English, specializing in Environmental and Energy Humanities
  • Dr. Tami Bond, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Walter Scott, Jr. Presidential Chair in Energy, Environment and Health
  • Dr. Peter Young, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Josie Plaut, Associate Director for the Institute for the Built Environment
  • Dr. Ashley Anderson, Associate Professor in the Journalism and Media Communication Department
  • Dr. Juyeon Park, Associate Professor in the Department of Design and Merchandising
  • Dr. Adam Mayer, Assistant Professor, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Bill Ritter
Colorado’s 41st Governor, Bill Ritter Jr.

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