K-12 Education and Outreach

STEM Fridays

STEM Fridays were designed to get students excited about STEM through hands-on activities. Regional schools are invited to bring 30 students to Colorado State University for a Friday morning lab project facilitated by CSU students who are studying to become teachers. STEM Fridays usually feature three activities:

  • Get Energized!” is an activity that explores rechargeable batteries and solar cells.
  • Regenerate!” is an activity that explores how regenerative braking works in electric vehicles.
  • Solar Cars is an engineering project that designs, builds, and races model solar-powered cars.

Sustainability Collaboration with Schools

Do you want to learn how to conserve energy in your school by engaging building occupants in more energy-conscious behavior? Dr. Jeni Cross is an Energy Institute-affiliated faculty member who studies human behavior and energy usage. She has worked for the last several years with the Strategic Sustainability Team in the Poudre School District, and as a member of that team has helped PSD high schools develop plans for engaging students and faculty in energy conservation.

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Wind for Schools

In March the Energy Institute hosted nearly 60 students from across the state for the regional KidWind Challenge. The day-long event, held at the Powerhouse Energy Campus, allowed 4th- through 12th-grade students to explore the power of wind energy by designing, building and testing a functional wind turbine.

This event is part of the Wind For Schools program, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, in collaboration with the KidWind Project and the National Energy Education Development Project. This nationwide project involves installing active wind turbines at local schools, allowing for a hands-on educational curriculum around wind energy.

Want to know more about Wind Energy? Who better than our neighbors to the north that get considerably more wind! Wyoming Renewables: Learn About Wind Energy!

Field Trips

The Energy Institute is pleased to host free tours of the Powerhouse Energy Campus for student groups, CSU students and visitors from other universities. Tour groups will get an up-close look at the innovative and exciting research taking place at the Powerhouse.

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