Sam L. Clowney Memorial for Student Research Scholarship Application

Up to $3,000 available in scholarship to Powerhouse undergraduate and graduate student researchers!

Sam Clowney was a long-time leader in the natural gas pipeline industry who helped to create a collective vision that supported the rapid development and implementation of new technology solutions that could meaningfully reduce the environmental impact from the natural gas industry. Sam played a huge role in nurturing the Engines and Energy Conversion Lab (EECL) in its earliest years, always pushing us to operate at the speed and scale required to work effectively with industry. Sam was also a champion for our students, powerfully articulating the role that our students would play in helping to bring an innovation world-view to the industry. That vision has been realized. A contemporary example is that students who have worked at the EECL are now helping to create the future where clean energy fuels such, as hydrogen, will be moved through the same pipeline system that previously only transported gas.

To honor Sam’s legacy, we have established the Sam L. Clowney Memorial for Student Research Scholarship that provides financial support to students working at Powerhouse – particularly those like Sam who were first generation students or came from challenging financial circumstances; Sam was also a supporter of increasing the diversity of the energy industry. This scholarship is focused on supporting students to help them be successful in the face of financial adversity. Funds can be used as needed by the applicant. 

This application requires the below application to be completed, a CV, and support from an advisor (letter of support and financial match $1,000). APPLY BY April 15, 2024