Carbon Solutions

At the Energy Institute, we are developing innovative solutions that address our world’s most pressing energy and climate challenges. In order to meet global clean energy transition goals and carbon reduction targets, we are rapidly expanding our research and solutions development efforts in areas such as clean energy technology, alternative and renewable fuels, carbon sequestration and storage, sustainable agriculture production, greenhouse gas reduction, net-zero buildings, fuel cell vehicles and battery technology, infrastructure cybersecurity, industrial waste heat recovery systems, energy and climate justice, and much more.

Researchers taking soil core sample

The CSU Soil Carbon Solutions Center

Soil is one of the largest natural carbon reservoirs and an important climate mitigation tool that is ready to deploy today. Accelerating the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices that build soil carbon on working lands offers the potential to substantially draw down atmospheric carbon while improving the environmental, economic and social sustainability of food, fiber and bioenergy production. But, this transition needs to use the latest science to predict, measure and quantify drawdown capacity, support agricultural producers and avoid unintended consequences.

CSU’s Soil Carbon Solutions Center leverages world-class expertise to build the tools and approaches needed to accelerate the deployment of credible soil-based climate solutions, measure their impacts and bring them to scale

solar panels

Climate Transitions

Climate Transitions is a group that helps stakeholders embedded in regional climate transition ecosystems develop and host events that catalyze new and uncommon networks and develop climate transition strategies and roadmaps tailored to specific ecosystem needs.

The Climate Transitions Dialogue is a key example of an event designed to bring together diverse voices, experiences and expertise to address local and regional climate change impacts, needs, and solutions.