Energy access in the developing world

The Energy Institute works to provide energy access in the developing world through faculty and student university exchanges, research, consultant work and spin out companies. All of our work on energy aims to make a positive impact on a global scale. Some of our current projects create cleaner ways of cooking food, harness natural sources of energy (i.e. methane gas or the sun), and bring remote villages power.


  • Dr. Bryan Willson: Executive Director of the Energy Institute and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dan Zimmerle: Senior Research Associate and Director of METEC
  • John Mizia: Director of the Advanced Biomass Combustion Lab and CEO and co-founder of Qapture Inc.
  • Dr. Ellison Carter: Assistant Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Dr. Dale Manning: Assistant Professor in Agricultural & Resource Economics

Generation / Production

Transmission / Distribution

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Techo Economic Analysis


Developing World Access

Human Dimensions

Innovation / Entrepreneurship