Erin Kelley

Operations Manager

About Erin

Erin coordinates the building operations for the Energy Institute at the Powerhouse Energy Campus. Erin manages the student facilities interns who clean and maintain the building and grounds. Keeping the Powerhouse safe and operational makes it possible for students and staff to conduct research without interruption.

You may see her around the Powerhouses making repairs, welding, teaching students about tools and lab safety, teamed up with the facilities interns, collaborating with EI staff, unloading freight deliveries, working with vendors, helping guests, landscaping, or shoveling snow (depending on the season!). Erin takes pride in maintaining a campus that hosts a diverse and exceptionally engaged community.

Erin earned her BA in Spanish and later on, her AAS in Welding & Fabrication. She spent the decade in-between working as bilingual classroom teacher, translator, and counselor. Prior to her current role as Lab Manager, Erin was a welder-fabricator at an electric car company.

Erin is also a welding instructor at Front Range Community College and is an AWS Certified Welder. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking with her dog, family dinners, and creating metal art.

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Erin Kelley
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