Anna Hodshire

Research Scientist

About Anna

Anna Hodshire is a Research Scientist at the Energy Institute at Colorado State University. She works at the Methane Emissions Technologies Evaluation Center in the Zimmerle group. Her current roles include coordinating field campaigns for top down/bottom down surveys and basin-wide surveys of oil and gas emissions of methane. She also helps coordinate graduate student onboarding and recruitment efforts for the Zimmerle group.

Her research interests are broadly on pollution emission and dispersion, air quality, climate change, and the intersection of health among all these topics. Prior to joining the Zimmerle group, Hodshire worked at small companies focused on measuring properties of atmospheric aerosols for health and climate applications. Hodshire holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University.

Anna Hodshire

Powerhouse Energy Campus
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Fort Collins, CO 80524

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