Summer Internship Student Spotlight: Luis Rodriguez

A Master’s student in Computer Science
July 2, 2020

Luis Rodriguez has long held an interest in cyber security, particularly in the realm of critical infrastructure and heavy vehicle security. This summer, he’s continuing his focus during his internship with METEC’s mission control site to ensure that things like natural gas transmissions are secure.

“Like with heavy vehicles, there’s a similarity between these devices and how they talk to one another,” Rodriguez said. “They need to talk fast and securely. We’re trying to find out how we can keep efficiency high but also push security up there with it.”

Last semester, Rodriguez wrote a paper on programmable logic controller security and network security, which has helped frame the basis of his internship work. “It’s fun to see the similarities and how my experience with trucks can spill over into what I’m working on this summer,” he said.

This internship will give Rodriguez the opportunity to expand his tool belt with different kinds of systems and devices and will help him acquire a wider set of skills and understanding of these systems. He also hopes this experience will open up even more job opportunities where he can apply his background and expertise in cyber security after graduation.

“As a first-generation graduate student I appreciate all the opportunities that were offered to me, and being able to do this internship remotely while having all the tools and equipment needed to succeed with it has meant the world to me,” he said.