Bryan Willson

Executive Director of the Energy Institute; holder of the Bryan Willson Presidential Chair for Energy Innovation; and Professor of Mechanical Engineering

About Bryan

Dr. Bryan Willson is Executive Director of the Energy Institute at Colorado State University, and the holds the Bryan Willson Presidential Chair of Energy Innovation. He also serves as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He served as a Program Director at ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy), from 2012-2016 and continues to serve as a consultant / advisor to the agency.  Dr. Willson has worked for over 25 years to develop and deploy large-scale technology solutions related to energy, air quality, and human health.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Willson is co-founder of: Envirofit International, a global company that has developed solutions for clean mobility (direct injection retrofits for 2-stroke cycle engines) and is now manufacturing and distributing clean cookstoves in the developing world; Solix BioSystems, a developer of large-scale production systems for algae-based fuels and specialty chemicals; and Factor(e) Ventures, a venture development firm supporting early stage ventures working on access to energy in the developing world; and Xpower a developer of microgrid technology for the developing world.

In his university role, he has helped to launch or enhance numerous other companies.  His research laboratory, the Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory, has made important contributions in many areas, including: internal combustion engines, oil & gas production technology, advanced electrical grids, advanced biofuels, technology for the developing world, and advanced building technologies.  Dr. Willson has worked in over 40 countries.


entrepreneurship, energy access in the developing world, engine technology, electric grid technology

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