Platinum LEED Certified

Completed in 2014, the Powerhouse Energy Campus is home to a variety of interdisciplinary laboratories and research spaces, alongside offices and classrooms for CSU researchers and space for partner companies and start-ups. The 100,000 sq. ft. building is certified LEED Platinum, and serves as a model for sustainable building practices and innovative architecture and construction.

The new addition features geothermal caissons, active daylight harvesting, 100% solid state lighting, a 24V DC microgrid, advanced metering, advanced controls with weather prediction, thermal mass, high efficiency skin (windows, insulation and exterior cladding), hydronic heating and cooling, and solar/wind/combined heat and power energy generation.

In 2015 the Powerhouse Energy Campus was awarded the Platinum Level certification from U.S. Green Building Council. Click here to learn more about the LEED green building certification program.

Powerhouse foyer

Innovative Features of the Powerhouse:
• Exterior insulation maximizes the performance of the thermal mass provided by the concrete structure.
• Triple glazed windows (two glass and an internal membrane) have coatings that are optimized to their orientation and location on the building.
• Fiberglass window frames on all windows, including the large curtain wall, offer higher insulation values over aluminum. They also ensure better long-term sealing, as the fiberglass and the windows expand and contract at the same rate.
• Advanced temperature controls with weather prediction determine heating and cooling needs and accommodate for the building’s large thermal mass.
• Radiant slab heating and cooling is delivered through the ceiling on all four levels.
• A cooling tower provides evaporative-cooled water to the slabs, replacing the need for a chiller.
• A condensing boiler system provides heating and utilizes variable speed pumps.
• Vertical axis wind turbines replaced the original smoke stacks.
• Ventilation air is delivered via raised flooring, conditioning the air as it moves over the slab.
• Custom LED lighting is fed by a 24-volt DC distribution system. The light bars mount to structural steel, which also serves as a heat sink for the individual LEDs.
• Thin- film solar panels generate 25kW of electricity.
• Active daylight harvesting.
• 100% solid state lighting.

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