Department of Statistics



About Zach

Zach Weller is an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics. He works in statistical consulting as part of the Graybill Statistics lab at CSU, where he assists and collaborates with investigators on a variety of research projects. He most often collaborate with researchers in the Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences at CSU, but is available for statistical consulting/collaboration for all researchers across campus.

Recently, he worked with Dr. Joe von Fischer (CSU Biology) on a project that uses methane analyzers placed on Google Street View cars to identify and quantify natural gas leaks in urban distribution systems. Not only did they publish several papers on the science and methodology, but worked with policy makers, technology providers, and technology users to understand the utility of these mobile surveyors.

Dr. Weller is broadly interested in applied statistics in environmental, ecological, and energy related problems, as well as scientific communication, the intersection of science and policy, and statistics education.