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About Rodolfo

As a former Fulbright Scholar and as an Associate Professor in the Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University, Rodolfo is committed to advancing research and teaching involving sustainability of infrastructure and building projects. In addition to expanding on previous research related to social sustainability, construction safety, and curriculum development, his current research seeks to integrate social sustainability indicators during project delivery and to understand the impact of occupant behavior in the domain of net-zero and –positive energy/water facilities.

He is also interested in understanding how having a diverse group of designers and contractors influence sustainable designs and construction practices. Notably, he has become involved in attracting and retaining more diverse professionals in the construction sector; thus, sustainable decisions can be implemented from a variety of perspectives. He has collaborated with various research sponsors such as CDOT to develop best practices for rapid debris removal and improvements in emergency escape ramps in Colorado. Also, Rodolfo has been leading a multi-disciplinary and -cultural study abroad program in Costa Rica for the last five years, focusing on sustainable buildings and agriculture. He has received several honors including the ASC Region Six teaching award, the GE Johnson Faculty Scholar, and an ASCE Outstanding Journal Reviewer. Rodolfo is the faculty advisor of the USGBC student club and faculty coach of the ASC Sustainability Team at CSU. His commitment to the education of the next generation of professionals, researchers, and educators is obvious, and he strongly believes that educating current and future generations will play a pivotal role in making sustainability a standard practice in the life cycle of construction projects.