Department of Sociology



About Jennifer

Dr. Jeni Cross is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University, and the Director of Research for the Institute for the Built Environment.  She is also a founder and co-Director for the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences, a new institute at Colorado State University enhancing social science research and supporting interdisciplinary research teams.

Jeni’s areas of expertise include conservation, community development, professional social networks, social norms, and behavior change. Jeni’s passion is applying the tools of social science (theory and research methods) to help communities and organizations create meaningful change. For example, she has created social marketing projects to improve radon mitigation, reduce substance use, and increase energy conservation. Her current research projects focus on how social norms influence energy conservation and how inter-organizational social networks contribute to innovation and sustainability.  Jeni is dedicated to the land grant mission for service and outreach and is known for her skill at translating social science into practice. She is also an engaging speaker, making even highly technical knowledge interesting and useful to a variety of audiences.