Sharing our passion for clean energy

The Energy Institute aims to create excitement about clean energy and promote opportunities for people of all ages to learn about how they can play a role in making a brighter, more sustainable future. The Institute engages with the community of Fort Collins and Colorado in order to foster interest in sustainable energy through educational, compelling programs.

Recently, the Powerhouse hosted the Energy Entrepreneurial Panel for Fort Collins Startup Week. Examples of ongoing community engagement efforts include tours of the Powerhouse Energy Campus for K-12 students and the Energy and Environment Seminar Series.

In addition to its own outreach programs, the Energy Institute partners with the College of Natural Sciences Education & Outreach Center, and with CSU Extension, to reach as many different audiences as possible.

CSU Extension

K-12 Educational Resources

K-12 Outreach Events

Energy and Environment Seminar Series

For more information about the Energy Institute’s outreach programs, read the article on Medium.