METEC Publications


Feb. 15 – Informing methane emissions inventories using facility aerial measurements at midstream natural gas facilities

Jenna Brown,Tecle Rufael, Matthew Harrison, Selina Roman-White, Gregory Ross, Fiji George, Daniel Zimmerle (PDF)


Dec. 22 – Likely substantial underestimation of reported methane emissions from United Kingdom upstream oil and gas activities

Riddick, S. N. and Mauzerall, D. L. (PDF)

Dec. 1 – Performance of continuous emission monitoring solutions under single-blind controlled testing protocol

Clay S. Bell, Chiemezie Ilonze, Aidan Duggan, and Daniel J. Zimmerle; (PDF)

Dec. 1 – Measurement of recreational N2O emissions from an urban environment in Manchester, UK

Barker, P. A. and Allen, G. Flynn, M., Riddick, S. N., and Pitt, J. R. (PDF)

Nov. 22 – Investigating detection probability of mobile survey solutions for natural gas pipeline leaks under different atmospheric conditions

Shanru Tian, Stuart N. Riddick, Younki Cho, Clay S. Bell, Daniel J. Zimmerle, Kathleen M. Smits (PDF)

Nov. 14 – Single-blind determination of methane detection limits and quantification accuracy using aircraft-based LiDAR

Clay Bell, Jeff Rutherford, Adam Brandt, Evan Sherwin, Timothy Vaughn, and Daniel Zimmerle (PDF)

Nov. 2 – A quantitative comparison of methods used to measure smaller methane emissions typically observed from superannuated oil and gas infrastructure

Stuart N. Riddick, Riley Ancona, Mercy Mbua, Clay S. Bell, Aidan Duggan, Timothy L. Vaughn, Kristine Bennett, and Daniel J. Zimmerle

Sept. 29 – Estimating Regional Methane Emission Factors from Energy and Agricultural Sector Sources Using a Portable Measurement System: Case Study of the Denver–Julesburg Basin

Stuart N. Riddick, Fancy Cheptonui, Kexin Yuan, Mercy Mbua, Rachel Day, Timothy L. Vaughn, Aidan Duggan, Kristine E. Bennett and Daniel J. Zimmerle (PDF)

Sept. 9 – For Leaks in Rain, Snow and Ice Conditions, Experiments Show Faster Gas Migration, Higher Gas Concentrations, and Continued Gas Migration Days after Leak was Stopped

Daniel Zimmerle, Kathleen Smits, Stuart Riddick (PDF)

Sept. 7 – A closer look at underground natural gas pipeline leaks across the United States

Younki Cho, Kathleen M. Smits, Nathaniel L. Steadman, Bridget A. Ulrich, Clay S. Bell, and Daniel J. Zimmerle (PDF)

Aug. 29 – Estimating methane emissions from underground natural gas pipelines using an atmospheric dispersion-based method

Shanru Tian, Kathleen M. Smits, Younki Cho, Stuart N. Riddick, Daniel J. Zimmerle, Aidan Duggan (PDF)

July 22 – A Methane Emission Estimation Tool (MEET) for predictions of emissions from upstream oil and gas well sites with fine scale temporal and spatial resolution: Model structure and applications

David T. Allen, Felipe J. Cardoso-Saldana, Yosuke Kimura, Qining Chen, Zhanhong Xiang, Daniel Zimmerle, Clay Bell, Chris Lute, Jerry Duggan, Matthew Harrison (PDF)

June 10 – Modeling air emissions from complex facilities at detailed temporal and spatial resolution: The Methane Emission Estimation Tool (MEET)

Daniel Zimmerle, Gerald Duggan, Timothy Vaughn, Clay Bell, Christopher Lute, Kristine Bennett, Yosuke Kimura, Felipe J. Cardoso-Saldaña, David T. Allen (PDF)

May 27 – A cautionary report of calculating methane emissions using low-cost fence-line sensors

Stuart N. Riddick, Riley Ancona, Fancy Cheptonui, Clay S. Bell, Aidan Duggan, Kristine E. Bennett, Daniel J. Zimmerle (PDF)

March 22 – Calibration and field deployment of low-cost sensor network to monitor underground pipeline leakage

Younki Cho, Kathleen M. Smits, Stuart N. Riddick, Daniel J. Zimmerle (PDF)

April 26 – METEC controlled test protocol: survey emission detection and quantification

Clay Bell, Daniel Zimmerle (PDF)

April 14 – Open-Source High Flow Sampler for Natural Gas Leak Quantification

Daniel Zimmerle, Timothy Vaughn, Kristine Bennett, Cody Ross, Matthew Harrison, Aaron Wilson, Chris Johnson (PDF)

Feb. 22 – Quantitative comparison of methods used to estimate methane emissions from small point sources

Stuart N. Riddick, Riley Ancona, Clay Bell1, Aidan Duggan, Tim Vaughn, Kristine Bennett and Dan Zimmerle (PDF)

Feb. 2 – Understanding Mid-to Large Underground Leaks from Buried Pipelines as Affected by Soil and Atmospheric Conditions – Field Scale Experimental Study

J. R. R. Navodi Jayarathne, Kathleen Smits, Stuart N. Riddick, Daniel J. Zimmerle, Younki Cho, Michelle Schwartz, Fancy Cheptonui, Kevan Cameron, Peter Ronney (PDF)


Dec. 31 – Quantification of Methane Emissions from Marginal (Low Production Rate)  Oil and Natural Gas Wells (PDF)

Dec. 21 – Modeling temporal variability in the surface expression above a methane leak: The ESCAPE model

Stuart N. Riddick, Clay S. Bell, Aidan Duggan, Timothy L. Vaughn, Kathleen M. Smits, Younki Cho, Kristine Bennett, and Daniel J. Zimmerle (PDF)

Dec.A Different Beast: New Tools for Regulators to Handle Next Generation Leak Detection for Oil and Gas

Daniel Zimmerle

Dec.Methane detector network calibration and deployment for monitoring natural gas leaks from buried pipelines

Cho, Younki; Smits, Kathleen ; Riddick, Stuart ; Zimmerle, Daniel

July 7 Study of methane migration in the shallow subsurface from a gas pipe leak

Bo Gao, Melissa K. Mitton, Clay Bell, Daniel Zimmerle, T. K. K. Chamindu Deepagoda, Arsineh Hecobian, Kathleen M. Smits (PDF)

Jan. 7 Methane Exhaust Measurements at Gathering Compressor Stations in the United States

Timothy L. Vaughn, Benjamin Luck, Laurie Williams, Anthony J. Marchese, and Daniel Zimmerle (PDF)


Dec – Estimating natural gas emissions from underground pipelines using surface concentration measurements

Younki Cho, Bridget A. Ulrich, Daniel J. Zimmerle, Kathleen M. Smits (PDF)

Sept 22 – METEC controlled test protocol: continuous monitoring emission detection and quantification

Bell, Clay; Zimmerle, Daniel (PDF)

Sept – Variability observed over time in methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells

Riddick, S. N., Mauzerall, D.L., Celia, M., Kang, M., and Bandilla K. (PDF)

Aug 7 – Detection Limits of Optical Gas Imaging for Natural Gas Leak Detection in Realistic Controlled Conditions

Daniel Zimmerle, Timothy Vaughn, Clay Bell, Kristine Bennett, Parik Deshmukh, and Eben Thoma (PDF)

July 20 – Evaluation of next generation emission measurement technologies under repeatable test protocols

Clay S. Bell, Timothy Vaughn, Daniel Zimmerle (PDF)

June 1 – The calibration and deployment of a low-cost methane sensor

Riddick, S. N., Mauzerall, D.L., Celia, M., Allen, G., Pitt, J., Kang and M., Riddick, J.C.

May 14 – Methane Emissions from Gathering Compressor Stations in the U.S.

Daniel Zimmerle, Timothy Vaughn, Ben Luck, Terri Lauderdale, Kindal Keen, Matthew Harrison, Anthony Marchese, Laurie Williams, and David Allen (PDF)

Jan 1 – Machine vision for natural gas methane emissions detection using an infrared camera

Jingfan Wanga, Lyne P. Tchapmib, Arvind P. Ravikumar, Mike McGuire, Clay S. Bell, Daniel Zimmerle, Silvio Savarese, Adam R. Brandt (PDF)


Oct – Characterization of methane emissions from gathering compressor stations: final report

Zimmerle, Daniel; Bennett, Kristine; Vaughn, Timothy; Luck, Ben; Lauderdale, Terri; Keen, Kindal; Harrison, Matthew; Marchese, Anthony; Williams, Laurie; Allen, David (PDF)

Oct – Methane emissions from gathering and boosting compressor stations in the U.S. Supporting volume 3: Emission factors, station estimates, and national emissions

Daniel Zimmerle, Timothy Vaughn, Benjamin Luck, Terri Lauderdale, Kindal Keen, Matthew Harrison, Anthony Marchese, Laurie Williams, and David Allen (PDF)

Sept 19 – Single-blind inter-comparison of methane detection technologies – results from the Stanford/EDF Mobile Monitoring Challenge

Arvind P. Ravikumar, Sindhu Sreedhara, Jingfan Wang, Jacob Englander, Daniel Roda-Stuart, Clay Bell, Daniel Zimmerle, David Lyon, Isabel Mogstad, Ben Ratner, Adam R. Brandt (PDF)

Aug 19 – Methane emissions from oil and gas platforms in the North Sea 

6. Riddick, S. N., Mauzerall, D. L., Celia, M., Harris, N. R. P., Allen, G., Pitt, J., Staunton-Sykes, J., Forster, G. L., Kang, M., Lowry, D., Nisbet, E. G., and Manning, A. J. (PDF)

Aug 15 – Constraining the Accuracy of Flux Estimates Using OTM 33A

Rachel Edie, Anna M. Robertson, Robert A. Field, Jeffrey Soltis, Dustin A. Snare, Daniel Zimmerle, Clay S. Bell, Timothy L. Vaughn, and Shane M. Murphy (PDF)

July 19 – A methane emissions reduction equivalence framework for alternative leak detection and repair programs

Thomas A. Fox, Arvind P. Ravikumar, Chris H. Hugenholtz, Daniel Zimmerle, Thomas E. Barchyn, Matthew R. Johnson, David Lyon, Tim Taylor (PDF)

June 27 – Natural Gas Emissions from Underground Pipelines and Implications for Leak Detection

Bridget A. Ulrich, Melissa Mitton, Emily Lachenmeyer, Arsineh Hecobian, Daniel Zimmerle, and Kathleen M. Smits (PDF)

April 30 – Multiday Measurements of Pneumatic Controller Emissions Reveal the Frequency of Abnormal Emissions Behavior at Natural Gas Gathering Stations

Benjamin Luck, Daniel Zimmerle, Timothy Vaughn, Terri Lauderdale, Kindal Keen, Matthew Harrison, Anthony Marchese, Laurie Williams, and David Allen (PDF)

April 5 – Methane source attribution in a U.S. dry gas basin using spatial patterns of ground and airborne ethane and methane measurements

Ingrid Mielke-Maday, Stefan Schwietzke, Tara I. Yacovitch, Benjamin Miller, Steve Conley, Jonathan Kofler, Philip Handley, Eryka Thorley, Scott C. Herndon, Bradley Hall, Ed Dlugokencky, Patricia Lang, Sonja Wolter, Eric Moglia, Molly Crotwell, Andrew Crotwell, Michael Rhodes, Duane Kitzis, Timothy Vaughn, Clay Bell, Dan Zimmerle, Russ Schnell and Gabrielle Pétron (PDF)

Feb 15 – Measuring methane emissions from abandoned and active oil and gas wells in West Virginia

Riddick, S. N., Mauzerall, D., Celia, M., Bressler, K., Chu, C., Gum, C. and Kang, M. (PDF

2019 – Automated Identification of Oil Field Features using CNNs

Sonu Dileep, Daniel Zimmerle, J Ross Beveridge, Timothy Vaughn (PDF)


Dec – Deep Learning to Classify Methane Leak Size At Oil and Gas Facilities

Wang, J. ; Ravikumar, A. P. ; Sreedhara, S. ; Tchapmi, L. P. ; McGuire, M. ; Bell, C. ; Zimmerle, D. ; Brandt, A. R.

Dec – Testing the Next Generation of Leak Detection and Quantification Technologies 

Zimmerle, D. ; Bell, C. ; Vaughn, T. L.

Oct 29 – Temporal variability largely explains top-down/bottom-up difference in methane emission estimates from a natural gas production region

Timothy L. Vaughn, Clay S. Bell, Cody K. Pickering, and Dag Nummedal (PDF)

Aug 17 – A measurement-based verification framework for UK greenhouse gas emissions: an overview of the Greenhouse gAs Uk and Global Emissions (GAUGE) project

Palmer, P., O’Doherty, S., et al. (PDF)

June 21 – Improved characterization of methane emissions from the U.S. oil and gas supply chain

Ramon A. Alvarez, Daniel Zavala-Araiza, David R. Lyon, David T. Allen, Zachary R. Barkley, Adam R. Brandt, Kenneth J. Davis, Scott C. Herndon, Daniel J. Jacob, Anna Karion, Eric A. Kort, Brian K. Lamb, Thomas Lauvaux, Joannes D. Maasakkers, Anthony J. Marchese, Mark Omara, Stephen W. Pacala, Jeff Peischl, Allen L. Robinson, Paul B. Shepson, Colm Sweeney, Amy Townsend-Small, Steven C. Wofsy, Daniel Zimmerle, Steven P. Hamburg (PDF)

March – Development of a low-maintenance measurement approach to continuously estimate methane emissions: A case study

12. Riddick, S. N., Hancock, B. R., Robinson, A. D., Connors, S., Davies, S., Allen, G., Pitt, J. and Harris, N. R. P. (PDF)

Jan 19 – “Good versus Good Enough?” Empirical Tests of Methane Leak Detection Sensitivity of a Commercial Infrared Camera

Arvind P. Ravikumar , Jingfan Wang, Mike McGuire, Clay S. Bell, Daniel Zimmerle, and Adam R. Brandt


Nov 24 – Comparing facility-level methane emission rate estimates at natural gas gathering and boosting stations

Timothy L. Vaughn, Clay S. Bell, Tara I. Yacovitch, Joseph R. Roscioli, Scott C. Herndon, Stephen Conley, Stefan Schwietzke, Garvin A. Heath, Gabrielle Pétron, Daniel Zimmerle (PDF)

Nov 24 – Natural gas facility methane emissions: measurements by tracer flux ratio in two US natural gas producing basins 

Tara I. Yacovitch, Conner Daube, Timothy L. Vaughn, Clay S. Bell, Joseph R. Roscioli, W. Berk Knighton, David D. Nelson, Daniel Zimmerle, Gabrielle Pétron, Scott C. Herndon (PDF)

Nov 24 – Gathering pipeline methane emissions in Fayetteville shale pipelines and scoping guidelines for future pipeline measurement campaigns

Daniel J. Zimmerle, Cody K. Pickering, Clay S. Bell, Garvin A. Heath, Dag Nummedal, Gabrielle Pétron, Timothy L. Vaughn (PDF)

Oct 25 – CH4 emission estimates from an active landfill site inferred from a combined approach of CFD modelling and in situ FTIR measurements

Sonderfeld, H., Bösch, H., Jeanjean, A. P. R., Riddick, S. N., et al. (PDF)

July 20 – Comparison of methane emission estimates from multiple measurement techniques at natural gas production pads

Clay S. Bell, Timothy L. Vaughn, Daniel Zimmerle, Scott C. Herndon, Tara I. Yacovitch, Garvin A. Heath, Gabrielle Pétron, Rachel Edie, Robert A. Field, Shane M. Murphy, Anna M. Robertson, Jeffrey Soltis (PDF)

June 19 – Variation in Methane Emission Rates from Well Pads in Four Oil and Gas Basins with Contrasting Production Volumes and Compositions

Anna M. Robertson, Rachel Edie, Dustin Snare, Jeffrey Soltis, Robert A. Field, Matthew D. Burkhart, Clay S. Bell, Daniel Zimmerle, and Shane M. Murphy (PDF)

June 17 – Estimating the size of a methane emission point source at different scales: from local to landscape

Riddick, S. N., Connors, S., Robinson, A. D., Manning A., Jones, P. S. D., Lowry, D., Nisbet, E.G., Skelton, R. L., Allen, G., Pitt, J. and Harris, N. R. P. (PDF)

May 26 – Improved Mechanistic Understanding of Natural Gas Methane Emissions from Spatially Resolved Aircraft Measurements

Stefan Schwietzke, Gabrielle Pétron, Stephen Conley, Cody Pickering, Ingrid Mielke-Maday, Edward J. Dlugokencky, Pieter P. Tans, Tim Vaughn, Clay Bell, Daniel Zimmerle, Sonja Wolter, Clark W. King, Allen B. White, Timothy Coleman, Laura Bianco, and Russell C. Schnell (PDF)

Jan 16 – Super-emitters in natural gas infrastructure are caused by abnormal process conditions

Daniel Zavala-Araiza, Ramón A Alvarez, David R. Lyon, David T. Allen, Anthony J. Marchese, Daniel J. Zimmerle & Steven P. Hamburg (PDF)

Dec 7 – Mid-continent basin – methane emissions reconciliation: facility level emissions

Daniel Zimmerle (PDF)

Dec 7 – Reconciling divergent estimates of oil and gas methane emissions

Daniel Zavala-Araiza, David R. Lyon, Ramón A. Alvarez, and Steven P. Hamburg (PDF)

Aug 18 – Methane Emissions from United States Natural Gas Gathering and Processing

Anthony J. Marchese, Timothy L. Vaughn, Daniel J. Zimmerle, David M. Martinez, Laurie L. Williams, Allen L. Robinson, Austin L. Mitchell, R. Subramanian, Daniel S. Tkacik, Joseph R. Roscioli, and Scott C. Herndon (PDF)

July 21 – Methane Emissions from the Natural Gas Transmission and Storage System in the United States

Daniel J. Zimmerle, Laurie L. Williams, Timothy L. Vaughn, Casey Quinn, R. Subramanian, Gerald P. Duggan, Bryan Willson, Jean D. Opsomer, Anthony J. Marchese, David M. Martinez, and Allen L. Robinson (PDF)

July 7 – Constructing a Spatially Resolved Methane Emission Inventory for the Barnett Shale Region

David R. Lyon, Daniel Zavala-Araiza, Ramon A. Alvarez, Robert Harriss, Virginia Palacios, Xin Lan, Robert Talbot, Tegan Lavoie, Paul Shepson, Tara I. Yacovitch, Scott C. Herndon, Anthony J. Marchese, Daniel Zimmerle, Allen L. Robinson, and Steven P. Hamburg (PDF)

May 7 – Measurements of methane emissions from natural gas gathering facilities and processing plants: measurement methods

J. R. Roscioli, T.I. Yacovitch, C. Floerchinger, A. L. Mitchell, D.S. Tkacik, R. Subramanian, D. M. Martinez, T.L. Vaughn, L. Williams, D. Zimmerle, A.L. Robinson, S.C. Herndon, and A.J. Marchese (PDF)

Feb 10 – Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Compressor Stations in the Transmission and Storage Sector: Measurements and Comparisons with the EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Protocol

R. Subramanian, Laurie L. Williams, Timothy L. Vaughn, Daniel Zimmerle, Joseph R. Roscioli, Scott C. Herndon, Tara I. Yacovitch, Cody Floerchinger, Daniel S. Tkacik, Austin L. Mitchell, Melissa R. Sullivan, Timothy R. Dallmann, and Allen L. Robinson (PDF)

Feb 10 – Measurements of Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Gathering Facilities and Processing Plants: Measurement Results

Austin L. Mitchell, Daniel S. Tkacik, Joseph R. Roscioli, Scott C. Herndon, Tara I. Yacovitch, David M. Martinez, Timothy L. Vaughn, Laurie L. Williams, Melissa R. Sullivan, Cody Floerchinger, Mark Omara, R. Subramanian, Daniel Zimmerle, Anthony J. Marchese, and Allen L. Robinson (PDF)


Moving Towards Improved Basin-level Oil and Gas Inventories and Reconciliation with Measurements 

Amnon Bar-Ilan, John Grant, Rajashi Parikh, Ralph Morris, Garvin Heath, Viktor Diakov, Dan Zimmerle, Lee Gribovicz (PDF)

Measurement Analysis of GC-FID Methane Network in East Anglia

Sarah Connors, Neil Harris, Andrew Robinson, Stuart Riddick, Alistair Manning (PDF)


Dec 22 – Flare Gas Utilization at Combined Oil-Gas Well Sites 

Casey Quinn, Daniel Zimmerle, Daniel B. Olsen