Advancing Development of Emissions Detection


  1. Develop and test protocols for controlled testing that reliably assess leak detection and quantification (LDAQ) solutions under a range of representative field conditions at a controlled test facility;
  2. Develop protocols for field trials and conduct a comprehensive, multi-solution, field trial including a range of facility types;
  3. Advance the state of solution testing to be scientifically rigorous, affordable, repeatable, and adaptable to field conditions, and make this knowledge generally available to all stakeholders;
  4. Propose test standards from the results of Objectives 1-3 that can be adopted and adapted by (a) state and federal regulatory agencies for regulatory approval of LDAQ solutions, and by (b) operators for internal emissions-mitigation efforts.
ADED Figure1


The project will implement a comprehensive process of protocol development and testing to accelerate the adoption of natural gas leak detection and quantification (LDAQ) solutions by natural gas operators, and their approval by cognizant regulatory authorities. The project will (1) develop test protocols for LDAQ methods and perform controlled testing at CSU’s Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Center (METEC); (2) develop protocols for a field testing of solutions and conduct a comprehensive field trial of multiple LDAQ solutions on a variety of oil and gas facilities; (3) demonstrate methods to evaluate the control efficacy of LDAQ solutions using simulation software developed in funded, parallel projects. The project will move a set of qualified LDAQ solutions through testing and demonstration, but the primary deliverable is to develop a process whereby any solution can move testing and qualification.

Deliverables include (a) testing protocols, and (b) demonstrating a process for testing, analysis and adoption and/or regulatory approval. These steps are necessary for state or federal regulatory emissions programs to approve solutions or for operators to select solutions for internal emissions reduction programs. The project includes specific steps to engage oil and gas operators, LDAQ solution developers, regulators, and environmental NGOs. Most required participants have already been engaged in workshops and earlier testing, some operators have committed match funding for this proposal, and several solution developers have expressed their intent to participate. State and federal regulators have been, and will be, kept informed throughout the proposed work to provide feedback on testing protocols and processes, with the ultimate goal of accelerating approval of solutions.  

Opportunities to Participate:

Interested in participating?  Here are several ways to get engaged in this project:

  • Protocol development committee (PDC) – The PDC is an opportunity for stakeholders of all types to be included in the protocol development for controlled testing.
  • Controlled testing – Controlled testing at METEC will be performed following the protocol developed in this project. Contact us for information on how to participate.
  • Field test sites – Operators may partner with us to host performers during the field testing. Contact us for information on how to participate.

Funding Provided by:

  • US Department of Energy – DE-FE0031873
  • American Petroleum Institute (The Environmental Partnership)
  • BP
  • Noble Energy
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Williams


  • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
  • University of Texas – Arlington
  • University of Texas – Austin