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Assistant Professor Michael Mueller from Princeton University
Assistant Professor Michael Mueller from Princeton University is shares his research on “Computational Modeling of Soot Emissions in Turbulent Combustion” during an Energy and Environment Seminar Series.

The Colorado State University Energy Institute hosts a series of Energy and Environment Seminar Series led by researchers and students working at the Institute. The series brings together members of the Institute to learn about each other’s research, ask questions, and discover commonalities between different fields of study.

Each seminar features a member of a different research team, who presents about his or her project, the motivation behind it, and its results. The series explores a range of topics that Energy Institute researchers focus on, such as methane leak sensing, natural gas engine emissions, and environmental responses to climate change.

Past presentation topics include:

  • Oxidation degradation and regeneration on natural gas engines
  • Natural gas conditioning using membrane separation for shale gas compressors
  • Modeling and control for twisted and coiled artificial muscle

All seminars are held at the Classroom (room 104) of the Powerhouse Energy Campus. For more information about the series and how to get involved, please contact Professor Shantanu Jathar.

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