EECL: Collaborations

Industry Partnerships

The Engines and Energy Conversion Lab collaborates closely with large multi-national engine manufacturers and operators. For more than 25 years, our collaborations have helped to increase scientific understanding of the internal combustion engine processes that affect efficiency and emissions. The lab builds upon science based on advanced combustion strategies required by the industry to develop and operate a new generation of high-efficiency, clean engines. We create practical solutions with near-term benefits.

Since its establishment, the lab has expanded into other energy-related fields such as advanced biofuels, clean cookstoves, electric microgrids, powerplant cooling, and methane emission mitigation.  The lab excels not only in research, but also in produce development driven by innovation and entrepreneurship.  Our lab is committed to delivering innovative technologies and market-driven models that increase energy efficencey and benefit the human condition on a global scale.

Below are some of the partners we’ve had the privilege of working with to develop and implement solutions.