Researchers and Faculty

Institute Services for CSU Researchers

Research Test & Experiment Hardware

Well-designed, well-fabricated, and instrumented research tests can be critical for conducting high-quality research. The Energy Institute has extensive capabilities to help researchers with fabrication, controls and data acquisition, data collection, and other essential research-related activities.
The facility maintains a machine shop and a fabrication shop (which accommodates welding, waterjet, and sheet metal work). The Institute’s technical staff have experience with data acquisition systems such as LabView, and are available to accelerate the development work of CSU researchers.

Contact John Mizia for information.

Equipment & Instrument Core Facility

Housed within the Powerhouse Energy Campus are dozens of engines, dynos, exhaust gas analyzers, generators, load banks, thermal testbeds, and other testing equipment. All of the equipment and analytical instrumentation is available for CSU researchers to use for conducting their research programs.

Equipment (partial list)
Currently Installed/Operational:
• Caterpillar G3304 7.0L I-4 95hp Rich Burn Natural Gas Engine
• Cummins QSK50 50L V-16 2500hp T4 Diesel Engine
• Cummins QSK19G 19L I-6 471hp Lean Burn Natural Gas Engine
• Cooper-Bessemer GMV-4TF 140L V-4 Lean Burn 2-Stroke Natural Gas Engine
• John Deere 6068H 6.8L I-6 275hp T2 Diesel Engine
• John Deere 4045H 4.5L I-4 175hp T3 Diesel Engine
• Waukesha F-2 CFR 0.61L Methane Number Engine
• Guascor SFGLD 180 3L Single Cylinder NG Research Engine
• Cummins QSB 6.7 L 300 hp T4 Final Diesel Engine

In Storage:
• Caterpillar G3516C 69L V-16 2300hp Natural Gas Engine
• Cummins 8.3L I-6 175hp Natural Gas Engine
• John Deere 4045H, 4.5L I-4 175hp T2 Diesel Engine
• Caterpillar 3412 27L V-12 500ekW T0 Diesel Engine Genset

Analyzers (partial list):
• AVL Fuel Balance
• Rosemont 5-Gas Emissions Analysis
• Nicolet Magna 560 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer
• Engine Control and Monitoring (ECM) AFRecorder
• 2 Agilent Micro GC 3000 Gas Chromatographs
• PM10 Cyclone Mini-Dilution Tunnel
• Rapid Compression Machine for Chemical Kinetic Studies
• The CLD 500 System for Fast NOx Measurement
• Bio-Ester Droplet Combustion Apparatus Microgravity Drop Tower
• Screw-type Super Charger
• 5-Gas Analyzer (CO, CO2, THC, NOx, O2)
• Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) Spectroscopy
• Dilution tunnel for gravimetric PM measurement
• EC/OC characterization of PM
• Quantification of PM size and number

Contact Kirk Evans for information.