Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainable Energy

Skills and knowledge that add value to any field of study

Energy is a critical resource for society. It is intimately connected to climate change, food production, and water resources. As such, it is vital that our students have the opportunity to become more literate in energy issues, and to have a basic understanding of energy technology, economics, policy, and sustainability.

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainable Energy offers undergraduate students of any major an opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the many dimensions of sustainable energy.

Program Description:
This minor provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the challenges and opportunities in the transition to a sustainable energy future. Providing society with energy in a sustainable way requires a broad understanding of technical, environmental, and social science issues, and this perspective guided the selection of courses for the minor.

Students will complete 21 credits in core and elective courses that are relevant to the technical, environmental, and social science issues as we transition to a sustainable energy future. The three required core courses include two new courses on sustainable energy, one as an introductory survey course and the other as a capstone. Between those sustainable energy courses, students select from courses in each of two categories: social/economic and science/engineering.

Program learning objectives:
Upon completing this program, a successful student will be able to understand:
• Fundamental concepts of energy, including energy quantities, units, conversion, and efficiency
• How to describe the science underlying each of the major energy sources
• The environmental impacts of producing and consuming energy
• The relevance of economic, social, and policy considerations to energy production and consumption
• How to evaluate the sustainability of energy resources


See the Sustainable Energy minor checklist for more information, including a list of required courses.