Clay Bell

Research Scientist

About Clay

Dr. Bell received B.S. (2009) and M.S. (2011) in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University, and his Ph.D. (2015) in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. He has participated in methane emissions related research projects at CSU since 2015 including field measurement campaigns and the design, construction and operations of the Methane Emission Technology Evaluation Center (METEC). As a Research Scientist at CSU he has participated in the testing of over 40 emission detection technologies at METEC and a test facility, the Transverse Anomaly Detection Infrastructure (TADI), operated by Total in southern France.

Research Interests

Dr. Bell’s recent research is motivated by the need to drive adoption of new technologies to help reduce emissions from the oil and natural gas industry. He is keenly interested in research to understand technology performance through a combination of simulation and experimental evaluation.  

Clay Bell

Methane Emission Technology Evaluation Center
3401 W Vine Dr.
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