Aidan Duggan

Research Associate III

About Aidan

Aidan graduated in 2018 from CU Boulder with a Bachelor’s in Chemical and Biological Engineering. He then made his way up to Fort Collins where he started his work at METEC in September of 2018, revising the control system software and assisting in operations and testing. After a short time there, he became Site Operator of METEC in May of 2019, where he currently works to help ensure that the site operates smoothly for testers and partners, as well as continues to make improvements to the site. Aidan looks forward to helping provide a clean and efficient energy future.

Research Interests

Aidan’s research interests lie in the field of energy infrastructure, specifically ensuring that said infrastructure is clean and sustainable. Currently, this pertains to

  • Natural gas emission reduction, and leak detection and repair methods
  • Automated sensor technology for the continuous monitoring and detection of said leaks.
  • System engineering and design of energy infrastructure.
  • Alternative energy sources, including but not limited to the engineering of consumer commodities and biofuels through metabolic engineering.
Aidan Duggan

Methane Emission Technology Evaluation Center (METEC)
3401 W Vine Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80521

[email protected]
(970) 214-4006