Energy Club

The Colorado State University Energy Club is a student-led organization designed to engage all students interested in energy across the CSU campus.

CSU Energy Club Logo
The mission of the Energy Club is to:
  • Educate members from interdisciplinary fields about energy-related science, technology, economics, policy, business, and human behavior;
  • Connect faculty, researchers, and students from across campus with each other and with a global network of public and private partners in the energy industry;
  • Provide opportunities for members to contribute to the local and global community through volunteer projects and activities or energy-related advocacy. With these three main pillars (education, networking, and practice) we aim to prepare students in various disciplines with the knowledge and skills to be advocates for the energy industry and to prepare them for careers in energy.

If you’d like to learn more or join the Energy Club please email We look forward to hearing from you!

Energy Club officers left to right: Hailey Summers, Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering (Communications Chair); Katie DeRose, Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering (Social Chair); Rachal Skyving, Master’s Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering (Outreach Chair); Shannon Foley, Sophomore Undergraduate, Business Administration (Financial Officer); Jackson Haider, Senior Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering (President); Kara Gustafson, Sophomore Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering (Vice President) Austin Banks, Junior Undergraduate, Chemical & Biological Engineering (Secretary)
Get Involved:

Now accepting applications for leadership positions within the Energy Club for the 2020-2021 school year! This is an amazing opportunity to get involved in a rapidly growing organization. The positions available are listed below.

Please send a resume and the position you are interested in to by Friday, May 8. Please note you must be a full-time student to apply.

Positions available: 


  • Preside at meetings and determine the agenda for the meeting
  • Vote only in case of a tie
  • Represent the club at university events and outreach
  • Lead on outreach and event planning
  • Ensure the club maintains its mission statement and purpose in all meetings and outreach events
  • Record meeting notes and present the previous meeting’s notes for approval at the current meeting
  • Manage relationship with Energy Institute
  • Update and maintain this constitution as needed

Financial Officer

  • Request funds from various sources including but not limited to: departments, ASCSU, SLiCE, outside funding sources
  • Manage SOFA account
  • Responsible for budgeting and allocation of funds
  • Listen to requests for spending from all officers
  • Assist President with outreach and event planning

Vice President

  • Lead recruiting events and initiatives
  • Represent the club at university events and outreach
  • Schedule rooms for regular meetings
  • Manage corporate donations
  • Manage the organization’s shared email
  • Design flyers/posters and configure distribution

Junior Officers


  • Maintain a roster of all members and their information
  • Maintain the mailing list of members and correspond any pertinent information to the members
  • Design flyers/posters and configure distribution
  • Survey the members’ interest and ideas for future activities
  • Assist senior officers (Vice President) with recruiting events and initiatives

Corporate Outreach Chair

  • Assist senior officers (President) with outreach and event planning. This includes but is not limited to company and speaker outreach, tour scheduling, and other event or volunteer activity planning.
  • Maintain communication with outside sources
  • Plan regular social events
  • Assist senior officers (Vice President) with recruiting events and initiatives