Energy Club

Education, Networking, and Practice

CSU Energy Club LogoThe Colorado State University Energy Club is a student-led organization designed to engage all students interested in energy across the CSU campus.

The mission of the Energy Club is to (1) educate members from interdisciplinary fields about energy-related science, technology, economics, policy, business, and human behavior, (2) connect faculty, researchers and students from across campus with each other and with a global network of public and private partners in the energy industry, and (3) provide opportunities for members to contribute to the local and global community through volunteer projects and activities or energy-related advocacy. With these three main pillars (education, networking, and practice) we aim to prepare students in various disciplines with the knowledge and skills to be advocates for the energy industry and to prepare them for careers in energy.

In our inaugural year, the CSU Energy Club helped to install solar panels for the Coyote Ridge Community Solar Project, toured the Fort St. Vrain Power Plant, taught young students about STEM topics, and hosted the first annual Energy Networking Night at the CSU Powerhouse Energy Campus!

Get Involved

If you’d like to learn more or join the Energy Club please email We look forward to hearing from you!

Energy Club officers, left to right: Hailey Summers, PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering (Communications Chair); Katie DeRose, PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering (Social Chair); Rachal Skyving, Master’s Student, Civil & Environmental Engineering (Outreach Chair); Shannon Foley, Sophomore Undergraduate, Business Administration (Financial Officer); Jackson Haider, Senior Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering (President); Kara Gustafson, Sophomore Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering (Vice President) Austin Banks, Junior Undergraduate, Chemical & Biological Engineering (Secretary)