Energy students Alyssa and Jorydn pursue academics and work on group project together.
Energy students Alyssa and Jordyn work on a group project together.

The Colorado State University Energy Institute connects students interested in pursuing energy as a career or field of study with academics and opportunities to deepen their understanding.  Students in any discipline can enroll in the Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainable Energy, join the student run Energy Club to network with peers and participate in hands-on energy related work and educational opportunities.

Studying energy at Colorado State University puts students in the thriving energy ecosystem at the Energy Institute, Fort Collins and Colorado. Below are some fast-facts that highlight this point.

  • Colorado ranks number five in the nation in terms of the number of clean tech patents awarded according to the U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index.
  • Colorado is one of the top 10 states in the nation in terms of clean tech venture capitalist investment.
  • Colorado is in the top 10 in terms of clean electricity generation.
  • Colorado is #6 in the U.S. Clean Tech Market.
  • Fort Collins is one of the top five happiest places to live according to National Geographic and Gallup’s Special/Blue Zones Index.
  • Fort Collins is a top destinations for the nation’s best and brightest.
  • 18 clean-tech start-up companies have been launched from Colorado State University since 2009.
  • The Smithsonian Institution designated Fort Collins as one of six places of innovation in the U.S. and the only designee in “energy innovation.”
  • Faculty and students at Colorado State University have submitted over 130 clean-tech invention disclosures since 2009.