Advice for CSU faculty & students — Part 2: “Have You Considered Being An Entrepreneur?” Video Series

By Shay McLaughlin
Intern, CSU Energy Institute
“This is constantly a growing process, it’s okay to not know things and to ask questions. And that’s all a part of growing and becoming a viable business.”
— Lyndsey Linke

The first steps in starting any new chapter can be intimidating, and entering the entrepreneurial world is no exception. In this second installment of the video series, “Have you Considered Being an entrepreneur?,” a seasoned group of innovators and business leaders share their experiences and advice for taking those first steps toward bringing an idea to the marketplace.

CEOs, researchers, and others who have embarked on an entrepreneurship path provide valuable insights about navigating the business landscape. In addition to advice, the video highlights various CSU programs and resources available to aspiring entrepreneurs, like CSU Strata’s startup programs.

Dr. Chern-Hooi Lim, Former Postdoctoral Fellow at Colorado State University and Founder & CEO of New Iridium shares insights and advice as part of the “Have You Considered Being An Entrepreneur?” video series.